Ossau Watch



Ossau Watch

Passionate about horology from his childhood, Bruno is very interested in mechanical precision. Became engine engineer, he has been working for Cosworth in UK as designer of racing engines, then at various OEMs around the world.

This passion for mechanic combined with passion of watchmaking, made Bruno come up with an incredible challenge of “Creating your own watch”.

In 2011, inspired by technical and materials knowledge, he designs his first watch with a purpose of “robustness and solidity”.

The first model, the « TCA01 », is directly inspired by excellence with an alloy of machined titanium case for more robustness. Its two sapphire glasses are directly screwed on the case with 24 screws (12 on the top, 12 on the bottom).The first Chronograph was born in 2011 and produced to 20 limited units.

Bruno talks about OSSAU Watch: “ All the watches’ parts I created are a part of myself, they have one a piece of my DNA, my beliefs, my wishes, my fears… They mainly represent the vision I have of a watch that has to give you the time but above all be part of ourselves. It has to share our everyday life. You can have several watches, but you can only wear oneat a time which gives it a special importance. Some of us wear a watch for each activity, some others choose it for its colour, its shape but one thing is certain, it always remains one that becomes the Elected. It is maybe not the most beautiful or the most expensive but, this same inexplicable alchemy I felt pushes you to wear it again and again. Even if sometimes you cheat a little bit with her, it is this watch you will leave to your children.
So I do not know if this watch will be yours, but even if it’s not the case, I would be honoured one of my watch would have been part of your life, just a fewmoments.”


Ossau Watch

Driven by a passion for mechanics and especially sports, Arnaud Besnier takes part very young, in competitions that will lead him successively to the title of French champion of Enduro, then at eighteen years old participation at the famous “Paris Dakar” as a motorcycle rider.

With this passion and a strong commercial spirit, Arnaud continues his path towards a career as an entrepreneur and creates in a “very competitive” spirit, a space dedicated to sports car mechanics.

In 2011, this common passion for mechanics brings together the two friends, who then become partners in the realization of this project. Design and manufacture a “Made in Pyrenees” chronograph.

Since then, the two partners have continued to perfect and innovate to bring a real difference in design, spirit and approach to the market for luxury watches and chronographs.

Arnaud talks about OSSAU Watch: « How to explain what we feel when we create something? How to determine which idea will break through among the thousands of ideas that emerge in us? One day, among these, one will seem doable. Why this one in particular? I do not know, maybe an alchemy that is still unknown to us …
From this simple embryo of idea, we start to develop a plan, a suite, a reality like a child that we just had and for which we imagine a bright future. Like all children, this idea brings us satisfactions and trials, great joys as well as some disappointments.So we go back to work again and again to make it perfect for us. Then, one day, she is there, before your eyes, finally realized. So much work for this little watch.It’s as if you have known her forever. She is now part of your life. So, you wonder how this little idea could come up with something as concrete as that. The circle is complete… “