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Ossau Watch

At the start of the twentieth century, civil and military aviation has emerged in the South of France. The first flight of the Wright brothers with their famous “Flyer” in 1909 marks the beginning of the aviation. The public and journalists of the time were enthusiastic, France applauded the “the Bird Man”. The Pyrenees became a land of aviation.

Building on this success, the Wright brothers founded, in Pau, the first flight school in Europe. They would thentrained the first pilots on planesmanufactured by famous companies like: Deperdussin, Newport, Blériot…

From then, the Pyrenees region started anaeronautics industrial history and became a land of experiments for civil and military aircraft. From this glorious past startedan incredible industrial adventure that still continues today. World-class aeronautical companies have been established since the beginning of the twentieth century and are involved in the production of current aircraft and helicopters.
It is at the heart of this valley dominated by the Pic du Midi Ossau, thatOssau WATCH was created.


Ossau Watch

A watch is a particular object, it is a case that is there to protect a very precise and fine mechanics. This mechanism claims to measure a very special dimension: The time. This measurement, completed without the help of electricity, makes the mechanical watch a timeless piece of engineering.

It is with this passion for mechanical movements and this need for timelessness that we wanted to dress them up with best cases. Then, looking around us, it became clear that the aviation industry offered us what was the best in technology and materials.

The OSSAU WATCH brand born in 2011 ln the heart of this region, highly impregnated with aviation culture.Everything come from the will and the passion of its two creators; the idea is to use aviation technologies with some automotive hints to the service of a luxury watch.

OSSAU WATCH develops its “time pieces” in collaboration with local companies, all leaders in their field. The watches and Chronographs incorporate materials and treatments such as black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) treatment, an anti-wear coating giving low coefficient of friction. These watches are robust and solid which are the foundations of the brand’s DNA.


Ossau Watch

The design, the drawings, the assembly and the finishing are done in the brand’s own workshop. Ossau Watch is now a luxury watchmaking flagship 100% French made in the Pyrenean piedmont.

The “Pic du Midi d’Ossau” became, quite naturally in 2011, the symbol of an industrial excellence practiced in the southwest of France and, therefore, the brand’s emblem. If you qualify yourself as a quality watch amateur or a collector, and if you are looking for rarity and excellence, OSSAU watches will be your choice of heart and reason. Designed, manufactured and assembled in limited series, serviced in its place of birth in Serres-Castet (64), your watch will become much more than a simple object on your wrist… it shall be a sign of your convictions, of your love and gratitude for the “French Made with Passion!»

2017 marks the arrival of three new models, the OW 16, the OW 17 and the TCA 44… These three watches will soon become iconic as they carry the values and the foundations of the OSSAU WATCH brand.